Tackling Climate Change Together

About the Symposium

Our mission

Enabling a conversation and feeding the reflection between all stakeholders and industries about the challenges and opportunities to fight Climate Change.

Our history

Building off the 17-year old legacy of the “Energy & Environment Conference” and the broader perspective given to Climate research and discussions in recent years, students came together to rethink the purpose of our annual meetup.

This year will be our 2nd Annual Symposium aiming to bring a more holistic approach to Climate.

Who’s hosting ?

The Climate Symposium is a 100% student-run initiative co-hosted by the Energy & Environment, Food & Agriculture, and Sustainability clubs at Harvard Business School.

But nothing would be possible without the support of our sponsors !

Want to join the team ?


Reach out through the student-run clubs (Energy & Environment, Food & Agriculture, and Sustainability) to participate and come to the Symposium for free!

We would love to have you on board 💚

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